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Colors and Finishes

Finish Selection A

Allied Two Stage Coating (Smooth) - A durable applied finish that can be used indoors or outdoors. Select your basecoat color from any of our standard colors and then let us know your preferred clearcoat preference Gloss, Satin, or Matte. Custom colors are also available at no additional charge, if selecting from a standard Pantone color chart, or a color selection from a major paint manufacturer. Listed below are our 30 standard colors.

30 Designer Color Selections

DC-35 Pure White DC-35 Pure White

DC-34 White Honey DC-34 White Honey

DC-11 Alabaster DC-11 Alabaster

DC-46 Bone DC-46 Bone

DC-38 Beige DC-38 Beige

PD-10 Navy Blue PD-10 Navy Blue

PD-28 Hunter Green PD-28 Hunter Green

PD-33 Anastasia Emerald PD-33 Anastasia Emerald

PD-34 Calypso PD-34 Calypso

PD-29 Laguna PD-29 Laguna

PD-20 Candy Apple PD-20 Candy Apple

PD-13 Earth Red PD-13 Earth Red

PD-12 Garnet PD-12 Garnet

PD-18 Rosewood PD-18 Rosewood

PD-27 Plum PD-27 Plum

PD-25 Cinnamon PD-25 Cinnamon

PD-24 Indiana Clay PD-24 Indiana Clay

PD-17 Paprika PD-17 Paprika

PD-15 Peach PD-15 Peach

PD-23 Mauve Dust PD-23 Mauve Dust

PD-31 Russian Sky PD-31 Russian Sky

PD-36 Teal PD-36 Teal

PD-38 Blue PD-38 Blue

PD-32 Evening Shadows PD-32 Evening Shadows

PD-37 Violet PD-37 Violet

DC-34-Black PD-DC Black

PD-19 Charcoal PD-19 Charcoal

PD-8 Dove Gray PD-8 Dove Gray

PD-2 Gray PD-2 Gray

PD-14 Greige PD-18 Greige

Finish Selection B

FeatherLiteCrete™ and PolyLiteCrete™ - These finishes are manufactured with lightweight stone aggregates blended with the FRP resins, fillers, and other composites. FeatherLiteCrete™ has a fine aggregate texture. PolyLiteCrete™ has a medium aggregate texture. Both finishes are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Select from any of our standard colors in Finish Selection A, or from our standard FLC colors below. Custom colors are also available in either the FeatherLiteCrete™ or PolyLiteCrete™ finish.















All colors shown are printed representations. Actual colors may vary. If color match is critical please request an actual sample. Please note that all PolyLiteCrete™ and FeatherLiteCrete™ finishes are handmixed. Some color variations will exist between manufacturing runs.

Finish Selection C

Multi-Spec™ - A large aggregate composite manufactured of FRP resins, fillers, stone aggregate and other components. The product has a manufactured stone-like texture. This product can be used indoors or outdoors. Select from the following colors.

MultiSpec Greystone Multi Spec Greystone

MultiSpec Sandstone Multi Spec Sandstone

MultiSpec Whitestone Multi Spec Whitestone

Finish Selection D

Metals - Allied Molded Products offers a full assortment of metal finishes. Our metal finishes are available either as a "metallic" painted finish in numerous shades and colors or a "metal patina" finish which is available in bronze, copper, gold, or stainless. If you are selecting a "metallic" painted finish, you have the option of selecting a clearcoat finish. Clearcoat finishes are available in Gloss, Satin, or Flat. Color chips are recommended prior to ordering any metal finish.

Allied Bronze Metallic Allied Bronze Metallic

Old Penny Bronze Metallic Old Penny Bronze Metallic

Aventura Bronze Metallic Aventura Bronze Metallic

Roman Bronze Metallic Roman Bronze Metallic

Bronze Metal Patina Bronze Metal Patina

White Gold Metallic White Gold Metallic

Gold Metal Patina Gold Metal Patina

Copper Metal Patina Copper Metal Patina

Silver Ice Metallic Silver Ice Metallic

Stainless Metal Patina Stainless Steel Metallic

Steel Metallic Steel Metallic

Please Note: - The "Metal Patina" finish is labor and material intensive and as a result has a small surcharge. Any product under 40 pounds has a $50 per item surcharge. Any product 41 - 130 pounds has a $85 surcharge. Any product over 130 pounds, please check with your Allied Molded Products representative for pricing.

Finish Selection E

Specialty Finishes - Allied Molded Products has the ability to produce a number of speciality finishes. Our in-house finishing department can produce blended finishes that can provide a totally unique look and feel. Contact your Allied Representative to discuss your requirements. Listed below are a few examples of what we have recently produced.

Cedar Brown Cedar-Brown

Myakka Teal Myakka Teal

Panama-Gold Panama-Gold

Siesta-Blue Siesta-Blue

Sunrise-Red Sunrise-Red

TwoTone-Ceramic TwoTone-Ceramic

Finish Selection F

Designer Powder Coat Finishes - The Designer Powder Coat Finishes are the only available finishes for our Quick Ship Metal products. These powder coat finishes may be available for any of our metal products. Please check with your Allied sales representative for specific details.

Aged Copper Aged Copper

Satin Black Satin Black

Midnight Blue Midnight Blue

Blue Marble Blue Marble

Bronze Vein Bronze Vein

Bronze Vein2 Bronze Vein2

Burgundy Burgundy

Copper Bronze Copper Bronze

Copper Vein Copper Vein

Desert Stone Desert Stone

Espresso Brown Espresso Brown

Gloss Brass Gloss Brass

Gloss Chrome Gloss Chrome

Green Marble Green Marble

Grey Grey

Granite Granite

Hunter Green Hunter Green

High Gloss Black High Gloss Black

Light Bronze Light Bronze

Nickel Nickel

Pewter Pewter

Statuary Bronze Statuary Bronze

Slate Grey Slate Grey

Silver Metallic Silver Metallic

Sand Sand

Silver Vein Silver Vein

Safety Yellow Safety Yellow

Terra Cotta Terra Cotta

Taupe Taupe

White White

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