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Retailers know the importance of their brand and concept, merchandising, friendly service and maintaining a clean and attractive environment. At Allied Molded Products, we are helping leading retailers and retail chains maintain their clean and attractive environments through the use of our architectural planters, trash, ash, recycling and food receptacles.

Many leading retailers rely on Allied Molded Products include: Walgreens, CVS, Goodies, Publix, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Dillard Department Stores, Dollar General, Nordstrom, General Cinemas, Putt-Putt, Home Depot, Belk Department Stores, Discount Drug Mart and many more. These companies know that their investment in their brand and brand concept is extremely important and the first impression that many of their customers have is their front door. That’s why they decided to use Allied Molded Products architectural planters, recycling and waste receptacles, which are easy to maintain, aesthetically pleasing and available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Browse our selection and take a look at our product offerings. See why Allied Molded Products has been selected year over year, as the #1 provider of architectural planters, recycling and waste receptacles and more. Contact us today for a catalog or to discuss your architectural receptacle needs.

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